Offshore Hunter


Ultimate Software for the Serious Angler’s GPS/LORAN numbers!

Manager your numbers. Fish more. Catch more.


Includes 1000’s of reefs, wrecks and more.
Sort, Plot and Print Charts and Lists of Numbers
Plan Trips, Search Routes for ‘Plan B’ Numbers
Easily transfer numbers to/from your GPS
Find contour, bottom features and ledges with Bottom Finder Upgrade.

BOTTOM FINDER Upgrade gives your


  • Thousands of Reefs, Wrecks, Fishing Spots, Nav Aids for all coastal USA
  • Plot numbers in a Lat/Lon Grid with range circles and Coastlines
  • Calculate Heading and Distance between any selected sites
  • Easily plan trips, search routes, save and print the results
  • Import/Export numbers from your GPS (card not included)
  • Back Up all your GPS units
  • Import numbers from spreadsheets or other programs
  • Accurately Convert LORAN
  • Store Site details – Add pictures and sketches
  • Unlimited Fish and Dive Log entries
  • Print your Log Book for the boat- leave the computer at home
  • Updates and new sites available online registered users

Download the OFFSHORE HUNTER program to your PC.

The activation code/registration number will be sent with your receipt.

Access all sites and program functions easily from the SITE MANAGER screen, which displays the list of sites selected.
The unique PLOTTING TOOL plots and prints your selected numbers with Range Circles, Latitude/Longitude Lines and Coastlines.
Sort numbers by heading and distance. Select which numbers you wish to see.
Using the GPS/PC Interface Tool, upload/download GPS numbers easily (memory card may be required, not included).
Easily and accurately convert LORAN numbers.
Calculate and Sort numbers by Heading and Distance from any number.
Print the site list and plotting screen out in easy-to-use sheets which become your custom log book.
OFFSHORE HUNTER includes all coastlines of the Continental USA and the Great Lakes.
Instructions are included for importing numbers from other sources.
The Fish and Dive Logs can record many details about your sites as well as an unlimited number of trips.

Check out the SCREEN SHOTS from the OFFSHORE HUNTER:

Plotting Screen Coastline Details

Plotting Screen Trip Plan

GPS Interface Screen

Plotting Screen Trip Search

Plotting Screen

Plotting Screen Zoom

LORAN Conversion Screen

Site Record