Why does my program say DEMO mode after I enter my activation code?”

Make sure that you click the ACTIVATE Button after entering your code. Clicking the OK button will activate the DEMO mode and ignore your code.

Where are all of the numbers?

Few, if any, are showing.  One or more of your selections are limiting the numbers that you can see.  To check which selections are active, click the SELECTIONS button.  The menu that pops up will show a list of selections.  Checkmarks will be next to any active selections. Latlon grid is the plotting screen.  A checkmark next to latlon grid means that only the numbers in your last chosen plotting area will be shown.

How do I separate my sites from those already in the program?

Create a separate Site Type or Types by going to SETUP; Setup Site Preferences; (Click NEXT three times to take you to) Manage Types.  Click ADD; type in the name you would like to use (for example, Mylobster, Mynumbers, or any name or word that means something to you); select the color that you would like this TYPE of site to appear as on the Plot Screen.  You can create an unlimited number of TYPES.

How do I view the underwater video segment which is included with the program?

Put your OFFSHORE HUNTER CD in your CD drive.  When the screen appears showing the contents of the CD, click on Dive Tape Sample.  The file will play in a Windows Media Player window.

Why can’t I see my coastline on the Plotting Screen?

You must click on Draw coast in the Active Options box on the Plotting Screen. Should the coastline still not be visible, you should check to see that the coastline file for your area is loaded. To do this, Click SETUP; Setup Coastlines. See if your coastline is already loaded. If it is, then you are most likely looking at an area that has no coastline, such as 100 miles offshore. Recheck and try again.

After I change a Selection, there are no sites showing. Where are they?

Click on Selections and deactivate the Lat/Lon Grid by clicking on it.  The Lat/Lon Grid is activated when you view the Plot Screen.  The Lat/Lon Grid selection allows the Site List to show ONLY the numbers showing on the Plot Screen Grid.

What about upgrades and new sites? Where are they?

Notification of upgrades and new sites is sent via email to REGISTERED USERS.  You will receive a link for the upgrade and another link for the new sites as we add them.

When I try to export numbers to my GPS, no sites (or only a few) are showing. What should I do?

In order to Export numbers to your GPS, each number must have a valid GPS name.  You can assign a GPS name by clicking on the site and choosing view/edit, then adding the GPS name in the appropriate box.        To Export numbers to your GPS, the numbers must be showing in the Site Manager.  Click the Import/Export button and choose GPS Interface from the menu.  The blank GPS Communications Interface will open.  This is the “buffer” between your GPS and the Offshore Hunter.  Clicking the From Sites button will load the buffer with all the numbers that are currently in the Site Manager list WHICH HAVE A GPS NAME.

How do I give a GPS name to a listed site?

Click on the site which you wish to give a GPS name, then click the Vie/Edit Site button to open that site’s SITE RECORD.  One of the data fields is for the GPS Name.  Give the site a name that you want to use on your GPS, then click the OK button.