Fish Where User Guide

Fish Where User Guide

Screens and Icons
Using the Features
Tips for Use


The Fish Where App has many free features that put you on the fishing sites, including a real time map showing 125 fishing numbers, current speed and heading. The App works offshore and offline, utilizing your phone or iPad’s internal GPS receiver, throughout USA and Canada.

Premium Features include Navigation, Importing GPX files, the ability to add, edit, delete and purchase additional numbers, and marking and saving your current position.

Screens and Icons
The main screens that you will use most often:

Map Screen







Site List 







Site Record








The Tab Bar Buttons


Chart – shows the mapview with sites, speed, heading
All Sites – Shows a list of all sites in your Fish Where App
Chart Sites – shows list of sites visible in current mapview.
Settings – User Guide, Help, Subscription Info, extra numbers

Buttons on Map screen

Mark and Save present position*
*Requires Navigator subscription

Center Map on Your Location

Fish Where Free features:
Map with 125+ Fishing Sites Included
List of Fishing Sites with Coordinates
Works Offline/Offshore
Shows User Location
Current Speed and Heading
Compass and Scale
Distance/Bearing to a Site
Centers Map on Your Location
Works in USA and Canada

Sitemaster subscription features ($3.99/yr, billed annually)
Add New Site Records
Edit/Delete Site Records
Buy Additional Sites
Ad-Free (No Advertisements)

Navigator subscription features ($11.99/yr, billed annually)
Import GPX Files

Navigate to Sites
Sort Site Records in List
Mark/Save Current Position

Using the Features

How to:

Use Map features
Center Map on Your location
Get Heading and Distance from your location
Add, enter, edit & delete numbers
Use Navigation
Mark and Save Present Position
Sort List of Numbers
Import GPX files

Zoom in or out using the pinch gesture
Tap a site for its heading and distance from your location
View your speed and heading at the top left corner of the map

Center mapview on user location
Press the ‘Center’ button on lower right corner of mapview.

Get Heading and Distance to a site from your location
Tap any icon on the Map

A pop up shows Heading and Distance from your current location.
To close the pop up, tap in any blank area of the map.

Scale and Compass
A distance scale appears at the top left corner of the map screen once a screen change is made. The compass appears in the top right corner of the map when the map is rotated to any direction but North up.

Speed and Heading
Your current speed and heading is shown in the box at the top of the screen. A negative number in either box indicates that the app has not yet determined direction and speed.

Using offshore and offline

If you want the map background to show when you are offline, you should open the app and move the screen view to the areas that you will wish to access when off shore. Zoom in on the areas and move the map view around when zoomed in. As long as you do not close the App, these map views will be “cached” by the app. When you go offshore or out of range of an internet connection, the app will display the icons with the map background visible.

If the app is first opened in the absence of an internet connection, the map background will not load. However, the markers will all be positioned correctly and the compass, heading and navigation features all function properly.

All Sites
View a list of all sites in your App. Tap on a site to see its Site Record, including its GPS coordinates

Chart Sites
View a list of ONLY the sites visible on the Mapview. If you zoom the map in to two sites, that is all you will see.

Change the measurement units between Statute Miles, Kilometers or Knots (Nautical Miles)
Select compass Heading either True or Magnetic North
Subscribe for premium features
Purchase additional numbers
Fish Where User Guide
Contact/ About Us
Fish Where EULA (End User Licensing Agreement)
Fish Where Privacy Policy

Using Premium Features

Add/Edit/Delete numbers
Navigate to a Site
Save Present Position
Sort List of Sites
Import GPX files

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of sites that you can add!
Importing GPX files
**This feature requires a Navigator subscription.

First, create a GPX file from your GPS or OFFSHORE HUNTER SOFTWARE

To import GPX files from Offshore Hunter Software
Assemble list of numbers you wish to export in Site Manager.
Make sure that all Site Records have a GPS Name as well as a Name.
The GPS Name will become the ‘Title’; the Name will become the ‘Description’ in the app
Click Import/Export>Export to File
Click arrow in blank drop down box.
Select Garmin Waypoint MGR

Then set up the export order:
Click on GPS Name then ADD >>
Click on Name then ADD >>
Click on Latitude then ADD >>
Click on Longitude then ADD >>
Name the file and save to your iCloud Drive

To import GPX files from your GPS
Insert a memory card into your GPS
Save the coordinates in a gpx format
Copy the file to your iCloud Drive

Then, in the Fish Where App:
Open the App
Tap Settings
Tap Import from iCloud
Tap Browse
Tap on desired GPX file
An Alert window will pop up when import is complete.
While importing, the app screen will be unresponsive.

Close the Alert window
You will see all your imported sites on the Map (and in the List)
The sites will remain on your device until you delete the Application or delete the individual sites.

Add your numbers **This feature requires a Sitemaster or Navigator subscription.
In the All Sites screen tap the + on top right.
Fill in information, including the GPS coordinates
Tap Save. The information will remain on your device until you delete the Application or delete the individual sites.

Edit a number **This feature requires a Sitemaster or Navigator subscription.
In the All Sites list, tap the site you wish to edit. The Site View will open. Tap Edit to make changes, then tap Done (or Cancel or Delete).

Delete a site ** This feature requires a Sitemaster or Navigator subscription.
To Delete a site, tap it in All Sites then tap Edit > Delete

Using Navigation **This feature requires a Navigator subscription.
Tap the Green Ship’s Wheel icon in the Heading and Distance pop up.

A Navigation window pops with
DTD (Distance to Destination)
BTD (Bearing to Destination)
Destination Site Name
Cancel Go TO Button

A green line will appear on the map between your current location and the selected destination.
An information window will remain, along with the green line, until Cancel Go TO is tapped.
Bearing to Destination and Distance to Destination are constantly updated.

Save Present Position **This feature requires a Navigator subscription.
Tap icon. Save Present Position window pops up with the exact position when tapped. The default name is the date and time that icon was tapped.
Default Type is dropped pin.(Change the type in the Edit Site Record Screen.

Sorting the list of Sites **This feature requires a Sitemaster or Navigator subscription.
In Chart Sites, tap Sort. Select sort criteria from latitude, longitude or location.

The App will show you sites with relative positions and do all other functions offshore. The map background will be visible offshore if you first open the app while within range of a data connection, then pan and zoom around the areas you are heading. This will create a ‘cache’ of the map background that will remain until you close the app.

When you tap the Mark Position button, the exact location and time that you tapped the button will show in the save present position window that pops up. you can simple tap save, or edit the information in the window. Quickly repeating the Mark and Save actions will create an exact trail of named points for you. The positioning at time of tapping the button is immediate and exact.


How do I upgrade from Sitemaster to Navigator? Will I lose the money I paid for Sitemaster?
No. your subscription will be upgraded with a credit applied for your unused portion of
your annual Sitemaster subscription.