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An update for OFFSHORE HUNTER and BOTTOM FINDER is available for download. 
There are also additional numbers also available for download. Scroll down for those links.
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(The BOTTOM FINDER update is part of the OFFSHORE HUNTER update.)
BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD:  Your OFFSHORE HUNTER must be closed before updating!
Click to download the file Upgrade Offshore Hunter to upgrade to version 1.8.4

When you click on the upgrade link, the file Upgrade Offshore Hunter.exe will download to your PC.
Double click on the donwloaded file.
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When the upgrade is complete. Click OK.

If you receive a message saying ‘this program might not have installed correctly’: click on the option of “This program installed correctly’

Download Additional Sites

Pipeline Sites (All pipeline numbers (every weld) plus 3 mitigation reefs)

Pipeline Mitigation Reef Sites (All 12 mitigation reefs off Pinellas/Manatee)

Artificial Reefs Sites Update (All counties in Florida)

Captain X Sites (Lee county to Hernando county)
This also includes 14 wreck updates, which are:
Oil Tanker JOSEPH M. CUDAHY; Baja California; Miss Texas Shrimp Boat;
U.S.S. PC-463; Stoney Point; Isabella Shrimp Boat; Fantastico; Roatan;
Mexican Pride; Gunsmoke Wreck; Long Island; RJ Thompson;
Treasure Island II Reef Shrimp Boat; Treasure Island II Reef Sail Boat

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD:  Your OFFSHORE HUNTER must be closed before updating!

Description Area Listed & Type Download Link
Pipeline Numbers and 3 Mitigation Reefs West Central Florida Pipeline Pipeline Numbers
Pipeline Mitigation Reefs – all TWELVE West Central Florida Pipereef Pipeline mitigation reefs
Artificial Reef/Wreck update State of Florida Various Artificial/Wreck update
New sites from Captain X West Central Florida (Lee to Hernando) Captain X Capt. X numbers